3 Keepsake Gifts for Baby Showers



Here are some of my best keepsake secrets, and I can’t keep them to myself any longer.

I have never seen such an amazingly beautiful craft all my life. It actually is beyond what is promised in the kit description.

My daughter is just aged 2, and she has these very cute and irresistibly beautiful palm and her feet too. I and my hubby cannot afford to miss these, so we placed an order for the Proud Baby Deluxe Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit. 

baby shower giftsWe were amazed how it perfectly captured those little angelic hands and feet. Also captured with obvious clarity are the distinct lines in the skin known as skin prints.

My husband couldn’t contain his happiness, and even grand pa could not stop kissing it. So we had to order another kit to make prints for the grand pa and granny.


There was even a little left for my other daughter and my first son aged 4 and 6 years to get their hands done, though it was much thinner and a lot more fragile, but still as beautiful as ever.

I used the circle cutter for my sons hand, his foot was too big.

This baby hand print and footprint kits are specially made to be baby-friendly, and it includes all the materials I needed, such as non-toxic wipes, acid-free paper or baby-safe impression clay if you choose to make casts of your baby’s prints.


I highly recommend this Baby Deluxe Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit. It requires no mixing of materials neither does it require baking. The clay is pre-mixed.

I just had to knead, flatten and create the impression! The clay is soft, white, easily pliable and nontoxic. It dries to a durable stone-like material in 2-5 days.

The Baby Deluxe Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit is so simple to buy and affordable too. You really do not have any excuse for not taking the time to preserve those tiny prints for posterity.

My baby’s keepsake hand and footprint is highly treasured. As a matter of fact, everything about this lit is excellent, most importantly, it is a unique product and I know these little prints will make me cry as my kids eventually grow older.

Final word; Preparing your Proud Baby Deluxe Clay Hand Print & Footprint Keepsake Kit

You are advised to use a fine tip sharpie to write the names/dates before glazing. Make sure the clay is rolled out evenly (not thinner on the edges, etc) and is as smooth on the surface as possible before making the print.

Keep the clay covered with plastic or a damp cloth while waiting to make the print and for about the first 24 hours of drying, or until the clay surface becomes leathery hard.

This will prevent cracking caused by uneven drying.

After that time periods are over, be sure uncover the clay so that it can continue to dry. Never allow the clay to dry in or near a direct heat source such as a heat vent or in direct sunlight.

Overall, allow to dry in the coolest area of the home when possible.



I bought the silver colored clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Frame a few months back and “wow!” is the most suitable expression for this. I so love it!!

I actually had to use it for my 5 year old granddaughter, as she is the youngest around and in all honesty, it came out perfect. There have always been misconceptions that it is only for babies, but I have to state here that it can be used for anyone within any age bracket.

baby shower giftsPrior to this time out, I have used it in making gifts for baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries of friends. I needn’t any aid while using it, the self explanatory and easy to use instructional manuals gave me all the aid I needed.

It is a terrifically beautiful product that I recommend for anyone any day. The frame is magnificently attractive, with an extremely suitable plexiglass in the middle, which not only added to its aesthetics, but also gave it a royal adornment.

Against some claims from some quarters, the feet were pretty easy and the clay did not crack.

The 2 that turned out have a nice finish to the frame, the roller tools were painted and finished, the consistency of the clay was great with a nice light color and after 20 hours has started to dry nicely.

The clay is contained in two sealed bags, and there is a small wooden dowel to roll out the clay in the frame with another small skewer to write on the clay.


The clay dries nicely and the prints show up well. The frame dimensions are 16 ” long x 8 ” high; acrylic cover over center photo opening only. The clay display areas are 4.6 x 6.5 inches. Once you are done, cover it with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Memories of our past often times do fill a very important part of our daily lives.

We draw continuously on the knowledge we have acquired over the years. But, over time, much of this knowledge and wisdom is lost due to forgetfulness.


Also, those wonderful family memories of weddings, births, family reunions, vacations and a whole host of other memories captured on visual media may not be seen or heard because they are damaged or you have no means of viewing them.

For instance, you may have reels of 8mm regular or super film, reel to reel audio tape, 8 trk audio tape, cassette audio tape, VHS, Hi8, 78/45/33 rpm vinyl records or just simply photos that are hard to access.


But with the clay Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Frame, memories are captured and kept in the best of conditions for ages without alterations.

I can’t stop loving this, it is a perfect gift for any occasion as well, especially to expectant or new parents, it always will be appreciated. This is one of my go to gifts! Click here to purchase this.




This kit is really great!! My friend introduced it to me to first, and then I bought it for my wife so she and my daughter could make a neat three dimensional statue of their hands and it worked extremely well.

We were able to capture and preserve every precious detail; the big/ tiny hands, skin prints and fingernails. At first, it looked a bit complicated, and I wondered how it could work, so I took to meticulous reading of all the instructions.

baby shower giftsI had to read it severally and that gave me a clear purview and a full grasp of what I needed. Everything works perfectly well if you read and adhere attentively to instructions.


Failure to master the instructional manuals will result to making mistakes and consequently writing a negative review.


Our Production Process

We mixed the molding powder with water, inserted the hands into the molding container. After about 75 seconds the mould sets, so we wiggled out the hands out of the molding material.

We mixed the bag of casting stone with water, poured the casting mixture into the mold and allowed the casting stone harden for two hours, before tearing open the mould and removing the statue.


This remains an awesome kit and I would definitely purchase it again.


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