5 Clothing Gift Ideas For A Baby Boy

For starters, babies require clothing as a basic need – and on top of that; shopping for tiny clothes in the local store or online is one of the best parts of getting ready for a baby.

How do you shop for baby clothes and avoid it going all wrong?

If you’re a mom-to-be or maybe let’s just say: you’re hosting a baby shower for the new mom and you’ve got baby clothes as your gift idea, how then do you choose the right attires?

Short Answer: There are factors that’ll help you when selecting clothes; you can make use of them.

Long Answer: Read on because in this article, we’ll discuss some of the outstanding factors to consider when buying baby clothes and after that, we’ll review 5 clothing gift ideas for a baby boy, overall ranking, and some important tips.

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Now here are some basic criteria to look for as you choose clothes for your baby boy.


  • The material used to manufacture the cloth

Because for babies’s comfort is key, anything the newborn wears should be examined very carefully.

No sharp zippers, no loose buttons that baby could swallow, and no elastics against baby’s skin.

The clothes must be sewn from fine looking fabrics.

Babies can also get rashes with the wrong material – therefore, it is best that you buy cotton and silk clothes (or combinations of fabric) for baby. Whatever you do, run away from fur!


  • Layering keeps baby comfortable

Unlike adults, babies need an additional layer of clothing over what they wear (unless it’s hot, of course).



Most of the layers allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of each situation.

So if you live in a place that gets cold, buy clothes that allow layering enabling you to easily add or remove clothes while the clothing transfer moisture, provide warmth, and protect from rain.

  • The size of the neck

  • Seasonal clothing is another factor

  • Look out for irritants


Choose clothes that have got well-fitting necklines or adjustable elastic, expandable necklines.


These are practically safe and wouldn’t strangle the baby. Make sure you avoid tight bindings around the neck, arms, or leg.
However; they should never be too loose to be worn.

When you consider the seasons, you can buy clothes that baby can utilize right away.


Winter calls for warm clothes guys! Consider warm onesies, booties, and socks to make sure the baby is properly suited. Summer necessitates light clothes – thus you should avoid winter gear.

Since the baby’s newborn skin is still developing, it is susceptible to irritation. You can pick clothes that are tag-free or simply remove every bit of the tag.

Bear in mind that metal buttons on jeans can cause an allergic reaction in some babies – watch out for this.


  • Cost

You’ve probably heard of this before, but here it is again: Go for what is affordable.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give the little gentleman a stylish boost in life – there are loads of affordable options that will put your boy in the best dressed-list.

Further; you can buy clothes online at a very friendly cost.

On the other hand, never compromise the quality of the price.

In terms of quality of comfort, here are 5 baby boy clothing you’ll want to select.


Resuable Adorable Diapers from $3.99


1. Long-sleeve Kung-fu Style One Piece for Baby – Orange ($14.99)


This is literally a perfect baby gift with the softest fabric, fun and unique Kung-fu design – showing the world that your baby boy has personality.

Basically, the snap between the legs design makes diaper changes quick and easy.

Quite useful, right?

Furthermore; these are a breeze to get on your baby – just open up the snaps and get your baby in (any mom can do this).

Bear in mind that snap closure on this one piece is better than the regular zipper because you don’t have to worry about catching your baby’s thigh when you zip up.



  • Looks cute with its supreme style
  • Nice weight
  • Perfect for children who spend most of their time on the floor
  • Soft to touch and quality print
  • Easy and quick to wash and dry
  • Easy and quick diaper changes
  • Affordable: Purchase online for $14.99
  • Reinforced snap closure on binding



  • Paint looks like it could come off easily
  • These may not fit in the feet and they may be too long in the arms.
  • They are a little bit restricting (especially from behind)



Generally, dressing babies in one piece outfits is an easy choice owing to the fact that parents do not need to worry about matching tops and bottom.

However; everything has its pros and cons – and although some others are of much better quality, the Kung-fu style one piece holds very well in the wash and the neck makes for easy on and off.



2. Fresh Geometric Print Hooded Long-sleeve Jumpsuit for Baby – Assorted Color ($9.99)


New moms and even moms-to-be love the fact that Jumpsuit is the go-to for easy dressing and quick changes.

Consider that this is best for the children at home, providing the highest level of comfort.

Further into the bargain, the snap closure is perfect for babies.


  • Quickly dry and breathable
  • Also affordable: Purchase online for $9.99
  • Comfy material, no harm to baby’s skin
  • Makes baby more adorable with its unique geometric print and hooded design
  • Functional front pockets
  • No hand-washing, no ironing.
  • The cotton/spandex blend is amazing – 5% spandex keeps cloth from getting bent out of shape and 95% cotton rarely causes allergic reaction.
  • Baby can be dressed in daily life or for special occasions
  • Suitable for spring, summer, winter.
  • Perfect for the cold weather.


  • No zip front design? – Trust me: Although I love snaps, zips make dressing your baby quick and easy.
  • So many patterns – a jumpsuit with a simple look would’ve been great.


We all know how difficult it is to dress an unsettled baby in a shirt, diapers, and literally anything that has a lot of buttons up the back.

Thanks to Senyely, it becomes a whole lot easier.






3. 2-piece Classic Plaid T-shirt and Jeans Set for Baby Boys – Assorted Color ($21.99)


A classic button down plaid t-shirt designed explicitly for baby boys.

This complete outfit set from Kimocat comes with a timeless plaid t-shirt and a pull-on jeans for daytime leisure.

In short; this set is a must-have for little gentleman’s wardrobe.


  • Versatile
  • 95% cotton material provides soft touch and most important, durability when treated properly
  • Great item for gift giving
  • Affordable and wallet friendly: Purchase online for $21.99
  • Tightly stitched with no loose thread
  • Safe in the washer and dryer; therefore, they’re very easy to clean.
  • For the Plaid shirt: point collar, cute pocket at left chest with button closure.
  • For the Jeans: elastic waistbands, belt loops, and two pockets at hips.
  • Definitely wouldn’t shrink after machine or hand wash



  • Fabric could be better
  • Chubby kids need a bigger size
  • No embroidered logo on the shirt
  • It looks like the jeans will be tight around baby’s waist, sadly


Material is soft and nice. The classic tee and jeans will make your baby look fashion forward, stylish and handsome.

Besides, you can also pair these with other clothes you want for birthday, wedding, photography et al.

Put simply, this set is worth the money.


4. Fashion Baseball Long-sleeve Jumpsuit for Little Boy – Cameo Brown ($12.99)




Styled after baseball uniforms, these are a popular style of clothing for babies.

From now on, have your boy looking cute as a button in this stylized jumpsuit with baseball-team inspired logo from PatPat.



  • Made with delicate details, offering the softest touch to baby’s skin
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Don’t forget the unique sports theme: C’mon baseball is a boy’s sport!
  • 100% cotton, you won’t get any fuss about putting it on
  • Empower your little gentleman to stand out from the rest of the kids
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Affordable: Purchase online for $12.99
  • Give children the opportunity to show off their team spirit.
  • Snap closure are used, releasing your baby in seconds and conveniently changing baby’s diaper.
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly dye: no irritation to baby’s skin
  • Front pocket
  • Rib cuff



  • Because material is 100% cotton, it is more prone to damage
  • The cameo brown color can run, bleed into other clothes and discolor them.


A good choice for stocking baby’s wardrobe while adding style and class; what else?

The material is a stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear, strong, durable, and can withstand quite a few washes.

5. Adorable Bear Long Sleeve Hooded Jumpsuit for Baby – Brown ($16.99)


Cotton is an insulator, keeping babies warm in winter and cool in summer which in turn makes them to be comfortable year round.

Long sleeve hooded jumpsuits are so popular with numerous styles available.

Even so this super cute 70% natural cotton bear romper comes with a zipper front design, hooded design, and ribbed cuffs.



  • One of the most traditional clothing styles for babies
  • Adorable bear character give babies the opportunity to playact and use their imagination
  • Bear sewn-in perfectly for durability
  • Material is great for the environment
  • Soft, great quality and comfortable to wear – your little one will love the feel of this material
  • Versatile – for Halloween, Christmas, baby shower gift, New Year etc.
  • Hooded design protect baby’s neck
  • Not expensive: Purchase online for $16.99



  • Baby may prefer sleeveless
  • Lack of snaps – unfortunately; diaper changes and pulling on/off won’t be easy as they should be
  • Would your baby love this color? (Ok, this isn’t necessarily a con but hey!)



This is probably the only way you can help baby feel the feeling of ultimate comfort.

It is a cute romper for your baby to wear, good and nice.

Enough said.


Boys Will Be Boys

In the first few weeks, baby needs clothes that are comfortable and easy to get on and off.

The new mom will definitely need plenty of changes of clothes and in most cases; she might have to roll the sleeves up, but it won’t be for long.

We reviewed outfits that come in different sizes because babies grow fast!

So make sure you don’t spend lots of money on outfits in the smallest size.

If you would like these baby boy clothes ideas, then click here to find out more.


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  1. Daniella says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    Wow, great article!

    You have given so much useful information, thank you!
    Even though I am a mom for about 14 years, I didn’t know all these details:)
    My sister just gave birth a few months ago, and I was just looking for a nice clothing set for my new nephew.
    I really like the beer long sleeve hooded because it looks warm and comfortable to wear and it’s inexpensive:)
    Just a question, please. Is it free shipping?

    Thank you for this useful post!

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Thanks Daniella

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Oh that is awesome, congrats to your sister. I reckon it’s great, I bought one of each colour for my friends twin boys. At they are free shipping with any orders over $25.

      Your welcome.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing tips on buying baby clothes, as someone who has no children of my own, I found myself challenged when I wanted to buy a friend who`s got a 4-month-old baby something for her kid for Christmas.
    Thanks so much for not only sharing what to look for but also suggesting the right clothes to buy, something I really value is that you did not suggest high prized non-affordable for us normal people,$16-$30 is something most of us can afford.
    Now you mentioned some really cute pieces of baby clothes but you did not mention where to buy these, can you please put a link so I do not end up searching all over for these lovely clothes?

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hi Roamy

      I am glad this post helped you out! And they have all sorts of amazing baby outfits at great prices. I will add the link here

  3. Wow. You’ve given me such great insights as much as I am no parent myself. What’s the best place that you would recommend for buying baby clothes?

    1. Thanks Dennis
      You may not be a parent but I am sure you can still pass on a gift for a friend who is.
      Best place online for the price and quality I found to be the best.

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