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Who Is Thumbmilk?

We always seem to find ourselves lost for ideas. But a quick search helps us in an instant.

Hello and welcome to Thumbmilk – Baby Shower Gifts.

In The Beginning There Was Winewine tasting

Have you ever seen meme’s that have three friends all holding a baby each and then one friend with a wine glass? I’m the wine glass holder. For now.

In the beginning it was partying with friends and enjoying that side of life. Then all of a sudden one friend says “I’m getting married”. Then she says “I’m pregnant” Then she says “can you organise my baby shower?” Sound familiar.

But try having 15 coupled friends in one year tell you that their pregnant. Which meant eventually I will need to get them a gift for their baby shower. That’s what happened to me.

And I took that challenge. Since I have had some experience in baby showers (having one myself) it wasn’t to hard to start planning.

I searched and searched for ideas and at the end of all that research I wanted a place to share my experience so other baby shower host’s to be, mothers-to-be, friends and family¬† won’t have the same trouble I did. And so I created this blog to share my thoughts.

Help A Girl Out – We Are In This Together Ladies

We all turn to google or some sort of search engine for help. I wanted to help any and all ladies who are stuck for gift ideas or presents. With the help of some of my girlfriends we will be putting this blog to good use. For some they might want a simple gift for their mother-to-be friend or if your hosting, you might like to go big and all out.

I’m sharing my opinion on what’s the best and at the same time want other’s to share their thoughts as well.

Whether you are on a budget so you have more money for wine and cheese or want to buy the extravagant gift so your gift is overly memorable, I am here to help a girl out and share the perfect gift.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

kind regards,

The Thumbmilk Team

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