Bonding with baby

“If you want your child to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales” – Albert Einstein


We’ve all heard how important it is to have books at home and read them even to newborn babies.

You may be wondering ‘no, this isn’t really important. I mean, do babies even understand what we say?’

For starters; when you read Bookroo for your baby, they begin to pick up rhythm and tones of your voice to eventually start reading on their own.


Further; children who were read to as newborns have a large vocabulary than other kids their age; gives them information about the world and teaches them about communication.

Simply put; reading is a wonderful shared activity and it’s never too early to reap its rewards.


If you’re hosting a baby shower to celebrate the transformation of a close female friend into motherhood or maybe you were invited to a baby shower and looking for the perfect gift.

Cute baby outfits are great gifts but new mothers are given loads of clothes, they only fit the baby for few months anyway because babies grow up so quickly.

Reckon that a good book is a universally approved and appropriate gift because it’s a memorable present that can last forever.


bonding baby books


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A Bundle Of Stories To Share With Your Baby


A basket of books presented to the new mother to share with her newborn is a great idea for a baby shower.

However; you cannot simply buy any book and disregard the fact that it’s for a baby’s first library.

So where can you find books appropriate for baby’s first library? Books to nurture, stimulate, and invest in their love for reading?

Ok now I want to tell you the best place to buy these books and pay the best price.


An image of the Bookroo logo

Welcome to Bookroo!!

The online arm with the feel of world’s coolest neighborhood bookstore – makes reading easy while empowering parents to build their children’s book collection in an affordable way through monthly book deliveries and enabling them start life with a small number of really good books.

To find great stories at Bookroo click here.


How It Works – A Simple Connection


  • Settle on your subscription length
  • Select Book Type
  • Complete your payment
  • Receive your box


You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month subscription.

Normally; all subscriptions renew automatically and you can cancel anytime but if you click on ‘Is this a gift’ button, gift subscriptions won’t renew automatically.

  • 1-month plan ($17.99 per month)
  • 3-months ($16.66 per month) save $4 – Total: $64.99
  • 6-months ($16.33 per month) save $10 – Total: $127.99
  • 12-months ($15.99 per month) save $24 – Total: $251.88


Remember to select the plan that best suits your budget.

Books that are not easy to be found online or in stores – they are extensively reviewed and rated on a 7 point scale.

Each book comes gift-wrapped like a package.


  • Picture books: Though loved by all ages, they are perfect for ages 2-6 and box contains 2 books
  • Board books: Durable and safer for ages 0-2, contains 3 books.


After selecting plan and book type, you’d receive your order summary – create account (required), shipping address, and billing information.

Take note: If it’s a gift, book type will be selected by gift recipient after they receive the link to claim their gift.


Basically; boxes are shipped the first weekend following the 15th of every month and they reach their destination near the end of the month.




What’s In A Box? A Story Telling Journey


Unlike thousand of children’s book out there, you get hidden gems that you don’t already own from Bookroo factory.

Most important, the review process occurs with the help of 12 families who are experts in this field and living on Stanford University’s campus – to make reading fun for parents and easy for kids to discover their own favorites.






Lift up the sides of the cellophane (the front and back sides) and press them against the basket, covering both ends and meeting the sides of the top. Take the wrap touching the center of the table and bring it up to the side of the basket.

Fold the front edges toward the back edges, and vice versa. Then, secure the pieces you folded down with a tape.


Hold the cellophane at the top of the basket, gathering all the cellophane in a bunch in one hand and making it tight around the basket; remember to fluff the top with your other hand.

Welcome to the world, may your dreams be as beautiful as these books.

You’ll definitely need a book to have fun, explore, and grow up – Enjoy!


Reading opens new horizons – may your life be filled with wonderful adventures.

A book can impress and bring joy, may this happiness book bring joy into your life.

It is so nice to meet you. I hope you’ll enjoy this book and may its adventure become one of the many to come.


The best books are selected, so you don’t have to worry about finding and reading the book yourself.

Box contains individually wrapped books to create a magical reading experience.

New books delivered every month for kids. Parents, on the other hand, get information on what they’re reading.



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Filling And Decorating The Book Gift Basket

Right now I will show you how to fill your own baby book gift basket. Trust me: it’s very (very) easy – just carry on with reading this article.


  • Choose a basket theme
  • Put in a piece of cardboard or thick paper at the base of the basket
  • Put the Bookroo books inside the basket
  • Decide on other items to include in your basket
  • Wrap your whole basket
  • Adding the final touches
  • Don’t forget message to write in baby books


After making your basket yourself or getting a ready-made basket, you have to choose basket themes that are baby-friendly, educational and fun. Select a theme tailored to the baby by focusing on babies’ general interest. Remember that you’ll fill the basket with books so focus on the contents.

Take note: Don’t worry about finding the kind of books babies like, because Bookroo will handle that.


The key is to arrange books in a meticulous way; with cardboard placed at the bottom, you’ll present it well.

Ensure the bottom is secure and if necessary, add tape.

Now put some petal confetti at the bottom (but don’t over it).


Take note: Cardboard or thick paper is the most common material to place at the base. Nonetheless any similar material works fine.


Arrange them the way you would in shelves. First try a mix of horizontal and vertical arrangement (place some horizontally and others vertically to mix it up) but in a way that the recipient would be able to read the titles of the books immediately.

Take note: You can arrange most of the books vertically to save space and be careful not to spoil the books while doing this.


Story Time Isn’t Just About Books

Other than books you can also add a blanket, cuddly pillow, and toy – to make story time more comfy and fun.

Story spoons can also be included, babies will enjoy using the spoons to tell story because it enables them play a part in the story. You can place little items between books, creating loose symmetry.

baby reading bookroo

Take a big sheet of colored or plain or printed cellophane (big enough to cover the entire basket) – roll the cellophane onto the table and place the arranged gift basket in the middle (the basket needs to be centered on all sides, readjust as needed).

Now follow these steps to wrap beautifully;

Significantly; when they meet at the top, they should be the same length.

  • Cut the excess cellophane at the top, leaving about 5 to 10 inches.
  • Twist the tie (or anything that will hold it together) around the neck of the basket before placing the bow.
  • Make your bow with ribbons; follow these steps below to make a simple bow out of ribbon.

Take note: If the gift basket has a handle, the cellophane should sit on top – if it’s without a handle, cellophane should sit on top of the items in the basket.


  • Cut a piece of ribbon (15 to 20 inches of ribbon)
  • Make two loops with the ribbon, adjust them to the size you want for the loops of your bow.
  • Fold the left loop over the right loop then bring both loops around and back through the center hole.
  • Now pull with your fingers to create a knot.
  • Tug on the loops to finesse your simple bow.
  • Tie your new bow around the neck of the basket because no book gift basket is complete without this. You can tie this around twice and make sure it’s facing the front.
  • Tape down little corners toward the bottom of the basket and adjust to seal your basket.


Take note: You can place a tag around the ribbon of your bow or the neck of the wrap.


Next you should contemplate the significance of baby showers in order to figure out what to write in the books.

Most cultures have the ceremonies before a baby is born (around the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy) and they all have different names for the ceremonies.

Basically; the universal essence is to make the mom-to-be feel special – and not to forget the dad-to-be who is showered with love and blessing.

Check out these examples if you need to know what to write in a baby book.

Until next time!!


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