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Cheap Baby Shower Ideas – It Only Makes ‘Cents’

First, keep in mind that planning a baby shower doesn’t need to be expensive – whether you are planning the event alone or with a couple friends, there are lots of ways to celebrate this classic event and honor the soon-to-be mother without spending a fortune.

Generally; you can find lots of cheap baby shower ideas online – from DIY baby shower ideas to shower planning guides, free online instructions and a lot more. Thanks to the internet, planning a cheap baby shower these days has been easier.

Baby showers are in fact the best way to show your love and support for the upcoming baby – OK now, I have thrown a couple of inexpensive baby showers and believe it or not, it is super fun.

In this article, I will show you the various aspects that go into planning an inexpensive baby shower to enable you host your own baby shower with a difference.


What Theme Are You Choosing?

Baby showers are full of fun and laughs but this is like the most important factor to consider, decoration! – You should give some thought to the baby shower theme you will be choosing.

There are different cheap and creative baby shower themes for both genders.

Remember that you can make homemade theme decorations that are just as cute as stuff you buy at the store – this can help you save on décor so you’ll have more money to kick off your new life with your baby.


Are There Items You Could Borrow?

Right now we’re not talking about items for your little one – no, not yet – because you will most likely get lots of clothes for them after your baby shower.

Borrow and borrow in order to save significantly.

For example; you could ask around to see if anyone has anything.

However; if you need to make any purchases, remember that buying items in bulk is a good way to save.


Ready To Go Electronic?

Rather than spend money running to the post office to mail out invitations, use an online service to customize your invite and email your entire guest list.

Your guests will definitely appreciate the ease of ‘RSVP’ directly via email and you can keep track of everything right from your home.


You Have To Feed Your Guests! Get Cooking!

To be honest, this is very important – but how do you plan food/drink on a tight budget? Or when you have zero cooking experience?

Simple, we all know that the food at a baby shower is also part of the décor and not just for eating – you can dress up cheap eats, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Avoid caterers and most important, remember to dress up food in original ways so that they look colorful on the food table.


Games & Prizes

Prizes and games

I would advise you to stick with genuinely fun games that involve only paper and pens.

Or you could ask your guests to bring baby pictures of themselves and then everyone tries to guess who each baby is.

Cool, right? The best part is that there are a ton of fun and inexpensive game ideas.


Gorgeous Shower Cakes

Beautiful cakes make baby showers extra fun – and there’s definitely no need to call the bakery.
From multiple cakes to strawberry shortcake in a jar and colorful sprinkles, you can set up a DIY decorating station while providing the prebaked plain vanilla and topping options.


Baby Shower Flowers

Centerpiece Flowers

This is one major component of a good baby shower. In fact; you can adorn your baby shower with beautiful flowers bypurchasing and making your own centerpieces.

Also consider hosting your baby shower during spring – when you’ve got a vast array of seasonal flowers from the outdoors and the sun shining down on, this will save you time, money and stress of going to a local farmers’ market.

Are Your Guests Ready To Help? Enlist Help From Guests

This works great for saving a hefty chunk of money!

Basically; you can utilize your guests to help you pull off a successful baby shower.

For starters; guest ‘A’ could bring drinks, guest ‘B’ helps with some food and guest ‘C’ could help with few decorations.


The idea here is simple; you split up responsibilities while spending less.

So if your on a budget I hope these will help you out. If you have any ideas you would like to add please leave a comment.


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  1. Interesting read! It is indeed very easy to reduce costs. Many of your suggestions are great ideas. I have helped with a few baby showers and some people just like to have expensive things to have a “better” presentation. I say creative things also look beautiful some people just don’t realize it and with article like yours who shows how easy it actually is to work on cheap baby shower ideas are very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I know right. Some people go over the top and some just love the fact that things are simplified.

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