how to create a baby shower gift basket

Creating Your Own Gift Basket – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the recent birth of a child – a little miracle sent from above – and the transformation of a woman into a mother.

Traditionally, baby showers are often filled with generic gifts related to babies (from a new blanket to a few toys, diapers, baby bottles and some clothes) and the mother is showered with these gifts and the host can make a game of opening gifts during the party.


However, gift baskets also make great presents at today’s baby showers.

Spice up your gift to a new mother and her little one by creating your own baby shower gift basket.

They are unique and beautiful, personal and very creative, moms will definitely cherish.


Let’s Start Creating Some Magic

baby shower gift basket

The main idea here is tailoring your baby shower gift basket to the style of the new mother while giving her plenty of baby gear.

The cool thing about a gift basket is that it can be useful to the new mother for storing baby items.

With gift baskets, you never can go wrong.


Read on; because in this article, I will show you how to select your gift basket – either you select ready-made baskets or make inexpensive homemade gift baskets that look expensive.

I will show you how to fill the gift basket with their favorite supplies or goodies and yeah you’re also going to learn how to decorate the basket.

Keep in mind that you can make a gift basket for a baby boy or girl (just change up the colors) – fill it with goodies for the baby boy or girl and decorate.

  • Selecting your basket
  • Gathering your supplies
  • Filling your basket
  • Decorating your Basket


Though baskets of all kind are great for baby gifts, picking a basket and wrappings is important even before buying any gifts – because it gives you a guide on what you need to buy and the best gifts to fill the basket with.

  • Start by choosing a color scheme
  • Choose a basket theme
  • Ready-made or make yourself?
  • Making the gift basket yourself
  • Picking a ready-made basket
  • Decide on larger gift items
  • Items needed for the mother’s postpartum carethumbmilk
  • Include little baby accessories
  • Include practical items
  • Give something cute
  • Don’t forget non-traditional items
  • Still confused? – Ask other moms what they appreciated.
  • Apply ribbons and other finishing touches
  • Add a tag to the handle
  • Wrap the basket
  • Remember that some baskets are already decorated.
  • Decorate the exterior completely


This can help you select something special – don’t forget the generally accepted color-gender rule: pinks and purples for girl, blues and reds for boys.

If you don’t want to feel constricted by binary standards of gender assignment, you can go for common gender neutral colors (yellow, green, orange, and brown).


On the other hand, if the new mom is very traditional, it is probably safe to go with the pinks for girl and blues for boys.

Further; keep colors pastel and light.

The key is to choose basket themes that are baby-friendly, unique and fun. You probably want to have fun decorating the basket so choose common themes such as: Animals, butterflies, Disney, stripes, polka dots, flowers, and circus.


Anything Impressive And Beautiful


You probably already know that you can buy gift baskets online, in all colors, sizes, and price ranges – your local baby store will also have a wide variety of baby gift hampers in stock.

So if you are in a hurry or working against a very tight schedule, it’s best to buy a ready-made gift basket.

The DIY is one of the easiest homemade crafts. You can make the basket more personal and personalize it with the baby’s name.


Two homemade baskets will never be the same – so first think about the content and decide on the right size.

Take note: your homemade gift basket could be any container of your choice (bowls or buckets) and not necessarily a real basket.


Let me give you some ideas to try

  • Bamboo is the prime material for DIY baskets but you can choose other natural fibers such as: palm leaves, cane, and willow.
  • Roll onesies and place them on one side to cover the bottom of your basket. In a few years, your cloth-lined basket can be used for easy storage of baby’s toy.
  • A canvas storage box is a great basket alternative.
  • A square or round plastic bowl would work great, too.


If you are on a tight budget, an inexpensive traditional baby gift basket is the ideal gift.

Moms prefer smooth and soft baskets that their babies could come in contact with and some prefer baskets with non-toxic paint that does not flake.

Local baby stores sell fabric, wood, plush, and woven traditional baskets – but if you prefer to go for a non-traditional basket, a shopping cart works great.


After selecting your basket, you will have a general idea of the gifts’ theme.

So now select the gifts that you will fill the basket with; you will also need trimmings such as: cellophane, foam or wood letter, bows, tags and thick ribbons to personalize your baby shower gift basket.

Gathering your supplies is important but make sure you watch out for small pieces or trimmings that could break of – ensure that nothing is toxic or hazardous for the baby.


Baby Swaddle

It’s Time To Get To Work! We Need Useful And Suitable Baby Accessories In The Basket

Remember to place large and soft items such as: pillows, onesies, soft plush blankets, and diapers – at the bottom of the gift basket to help lift up other items.

Let’s get to it:

These items are literally the focal point of your gift basket; therefore, choosing them first will help make sure there’s enough room in the basket for everything.


So decide on clothing, large toys, and equipment.

Maxi pads, cocoa butter, lidocaine spray, witch-hazel, nighttime pads, under-pads, lanolin, and comfy clothes are a new mother’s best friends.

These items are essential after birth must-haves to put in your basket and give as a baby shower gift.


Don’t forget that the postpartum period is a delicate time; you must make sure that mama is comfortable and happy with postpartum necessities.

From baby lotion, bottles, pacifiers, to washcloths, socks, and shampoo; in fact, your gift basket should nearly overflow with little baby accessories and topple out when opened.


Trust me; your gift basket will look more exciting this way.

I’ve since learned that most mothers-to-be and new mothers appreciate sheer genius gifts. Here are the most practical baby shower gifts:

  • Diapers:
  • Sleeping bag:
  • Tummy time play mats:
  • First-Aid kit:


Baby nail clippers, bath thermometer and regular thermometer assembled together in a little first-aid box is unique. Enough said.

Yes, you read it right. A box of diapers included in your gift basket will be much appreciated.

Great for carrying babies around and keeping them warm at night.


Although expensive, including a play mat is probably the only way you can help strengthen the special parent-child bond.

Teething toys, animal squirting toys, rubber-duck, rattles, musical toys, and plush toys are personal – they reflect on positive moments that you and the baby’s mother share.

Take note: A cute gift from your own baby to theirs works well (if you have a baby).


To be honest, I’ve seen someone include a gift card in their gift basket because they couldn’t find items to round out the gift basket – you wanna know how the mother-to-be reacted? “Wow, that’s beautiful”.

Likewise; Options like coffee, chocolate, and an Amazon prime subscription might really stand out.

Or if they have a baby gift registry, use it to find the right items.


Again, common gift items included in baby baskets are baby powder, moisturizer, feeding bottle, teething toys, and nappies.

Believe it or not: people, in general, prefer a gift that’s nicely wrapped; it doesn’t have to be perfect.

No matter what expensive gifts you put inside your basket, if it’s poorly decorated, the over-all look will be ruined.


How To Update The Look Of Your Gift Basket

Wrap the handle in thick ribbon and apply bows to the handle.

Take note: if you can’t make bows yourself, you can buy ready-made bows from craft stores.

Tags help bring the gifts and basket together – for example; you can use letters to write the baby’s name on the basket.


Wrap in clear or colored plastic with a wrapping bag or cellophane sheet. If you’re using a wrapping bag, you can apply the bows to the top or wrap around the basket. With cellophane

sheet, you can tie ribbons around the top and the leftover ribbon can be tied into a bow.

Play around with different materials (stickers, balloons, string of beads, bows, personalized writing) on the exterior.


You can glue things like a name chain with wooden beads and you can also spray paint on your basket.


Important Tips For Creating Your Baby Shower Gift Basket

  • A baby gift registry is made public and you can use it to purchase items for your gift basket:
  • Try to spell the name of the baby correctly:
  • Keep the basket theme, everything gender neutral and flexible:
  • All materials must be non-toxic:
  • And unscented:
  • You can order everything online:
  • Once you have all your gifts together, nicely arrange:


Place all the items in the basket. You can either arrange all items from shortest (placed in the front of basket) to tallest (back) – or arrange in a pyramid, putting the tallest item in the middle and building out your from there.

This doesn’t only help you know what to buy for the baby, but it also ensures that your gift will be appreciated. Put simply, you can then be certain you’re purchasing a gift the receiver will appreciate.


No unique or modern spelling, no name games – make sure that the name is spelled traditionally.

Practically; some baby names are so common you really (really) have to go out of your way to misspell them.

The mother can guide you on colors and theme (if the parents have assigned a gender). Try to keep it gender neutral with neutral colors throughout (if they haven’t assigned a gender).


We love our babies, so check the label before you buy and most important; buy from trusted craft stores and companies.

Don’t use scented products in the gift basket – think about it: scented products can be irritating for baby’s sensitive skin.

A baby’s sense of smell is much stronger than that of adults and they react differently to a variety of smell.


Moreover; almost every scented product (especially personal care product) contains chemicals called phthalates.

You never have to leave the house to put your gift basket together. You can order any of this stuff online and make it super easy. Ready-made gift baskets can also be customized for every person that you give them to.


Most of the items online are OK to buy; you’ll rest easy knowing the items are safe for baby’s skin.


  • If your basket is rather large after fill up, play around a bit until everything sits in place
  • For a more colorful basket, add flower and colorful ribbon
  • All about the event


Fill the bottom with some cotton balls, baby burp clothes, and diapers – include some layers of thin tissue and have them stick between items.

Add a paper flower or two after using clear gift foil wrap – and lavishly add colorful ribbons.

A colorful basket would make a great gift.

The celebrations associated with childbirth are ancient and enduring, popular around the world and ‘women-only’ social gatherings.


You can host the baby shower or just celebrate new beginnings with the mom’s community of close friends – oh no! The new mother or expectant mom shouldn’t host a shower for herself, it’s so not cool.


Want to add any of your own ideas, share them in the comments below.

Eat, drink, open gifts, and have fun!




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  1. This post really showed how to make a baby shower gift basket. I love the idea of giving a personalized gift and it really shows that you care for the person receiving the gift. I love doing personalized gifts to my family and friends but I never thought of making a baby shower basket for my friends who just recently gave birth. I think that I will be able to use your tips as my cousin will be giving birth next month. Thanks for this tips.

    1. Thanks Yeah I did one for my friend from scratch. And it turned out great a few of us just tipped in and made it one big present.
      Awesome congrates for your cousin she will definitely appreciate that gift.

  2. Really thoughtful gift idea. I’d love to make one and fill it with natural baby friendly products, wooden toys and a breastfeeding fiddle necklace.

    I would have loved this when my son was born last year.. These would make awesome Christmas gifts too!

    1. That would be great. Can you link those products so everyone else can find them as well. Others will love your idea of natural baby friendly products too.

  3. Andrew Bromley says:

    What a novel idea, a baby shower gift basket. Sometimes it can be difficult deciding what to buy for babies so putting a combination of items connected with a particular theme seems a good idea. I shall pass the idea to some new mothers that i know. very good post.

    1. Thanks Andrew
      Yes those new mothers will take a lot out of this article.
      Some people just get flustered on what to buy and heres a simple idea.

  4. I wish I read this post earlier. My friend just had a baby shower party and she asked to have a diapers and wipes party. I was thinking on how I could present diapers in a nicely way 😀 Anyways I ended up just giving the box but I felt really strange. I think if I constructed a gift box out of that diaper box and reorganized diapers and added some more decoration, it would of been looking much better. Anyways next time I will be invited to the baby shower I will use this post as advice and do something more creative.

    1. Aww poor timing. Not many people know what to do and that is why I am trying to share everything I can.
      Next time you will have a better idea and stay tune for more articles in time.

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