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Cute Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Ok so you are at your friend’s baby shower enjoying the company, the platter of food, the games and laughs and its almost time to leave.


It wouldn’t be a baby shower without a parting gift.

What is a baby shower favor? Well here are some cute baby shower favor ideas.

It’s presents or prizes for the guest after winning games. In the end show your guest love with giving them all a favor at the end of the baby shower.

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Classic Baby Shower Favor Ideas


What better way to light up the room with a scented candle.

It’s a classic baby shower favor. Decorate the candle to suit the theme of the baby shower.

Add written messages and stick them to the candle.

A great message would be ‘shine your light to welcome our baby into this world’.

If you like scented candles then you will definitely like scented soaps.

Another classic favor. And with soaps they can be moulded and shaped and coloured to whatever type of soap that will fit the chosen theme.

A great idea is A round soap depicting baby feet. How cute would that be.


If you ever get stuck on idea, remember food is a star when comes to gifts. If we have a theme on flowers, we could make cupcakes and decorate them with flower pedal icing sugar.

They could be chocolate or vanilla flavoured either way they will still be delicious.


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Be Creative With Baby Shower Favors


Most likely the baby shower host has created a theme. The theme could be superheroes, Alice in Wonderland or butterflies, swans and ducklings, sports themed and so on.

With each theme we can create different favors.

For one of my friend’s baby shower, it was a pirate theme for a boy, I bought a bunch of little boxes and decorated them to look like treasure chests and filled them with chocolate gold coins.


baby shower favors for rookies


Another idea is to purchase mini mason jars which you can get printed.

It be a picture of a baby and the date of the baby shower. The jars can also be filled with jelly beans or other sweets.

A really helpful favor can be something as simple as lip gloss.

Which can come handy when your unexpectedly needing one. We all love our lip gloss ladies.

Keep it simple with a mini gift bag filled with assorted sweets and chocolate.

It’s always a win when there is chocolate.


I’m On A Budget – Are Favors Cheap?


I was never going to blow out my budget. Throwing a baby shower is not about splashing money. It’s about the mum-to-be and her expected. So stay focused and don’t get carried away.

One baby shower I organized I spent well under $20 on favors, catering for 12 ladies. Played some hilarious games.

Then at the end of the game each winner chose their prize.

At the end, each guest received a mini plastic baby bottle with candy in it, and a personalized message on the front. Baby shower favors on a budget can be do.

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My Favourite Favor – Gift From The Heart

I went to a baby shower and it was a flower themed one. The favor was so popular among us. It was a natural organic soap in the shape of a flower head.

Each flower had a positive adjective describing each and every one of us ladies. Which brought us to tears. The ‘shower’ gift is a nice touch.


show some love

The best favor I got was from a close friend. I hosted her baby shower.

And hands down you can’t beat a bottle of wine.

But to make it even better, she got me a personalized wine glass to go with it. The message said “To a beautiful friend, thank you for today”.


Now You Have An Idea

I hope I gave you enough insight into what a baby shower favor is. Now get those creative juices flowing, if you’re organizing a baby shower, choose your theme, send out the invites and prepare your chosen favor for your guests.





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  1. I appreciate this article as I have thrown only one baby shower and it was very hard to on a budget! I ended up spending way more than I would have liked. I was a little confused within the content about the favors being for guests or the soon to be mama. Overall great idea!

    1. I know it is a difficult task.
      We always end up spending too much.
      But in the end it’s for a great cause.
      The favors are the strawberry on top for a good baby shower.

  2. I love the idea of the flower shaped soaps and a message for each guest contained within each. That’s so very sweet. I think I would (and like you mentioned MOST ladies would) love to do the scented candle idea. And I really like the fact that I can personalize each one for each of my special guests. These are some cool ideas and you also gave me an idea for the mom to be-21 bundles! Awesome!:) Thanks for the cute ideas!

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I really enjoyed the scented candles. In the bath setting a relaxing aroma.
      The more ideas we can share the better.

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