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How To Carry Baby Essentials – Diaper Bag or Not To Diaper Bag

A bag for diapers is a necessity for every mother and there are very few diaper bags which do the job of a multi functional backpack which can do more than just holding diapers.


When I purchased the Halo Va Diaper Bag, I was not sure if it would be capable of doing what it says.


But when I purchased the bag, I had to express my thoughts on how to carry baby essentials.


I was amazed with the quality, style, and multi-functionality of this bag.

If we just talk about convenience, then this bag is effortless to carry around while hanging on your back.

The shoulder straps of the bag are very soft as well as easily adjustable.

But remember one thing that the bag is not meant to carry heavy stuff like college backpacks.


It is usable for things like diapers, toys, bottles, some clothes and similar stuff.

You can adjust the straps of the bag according to your size and convenience.


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Structure Of The Bag – The Main Components

The bag has four main parts, the front zipper, the side pockets, the back zipper and the interior. To be honest, I like how this bag can manage quality in all four parts.

The front zipper pocket of the bag has one mesh pocket and three holders, which you can use to put bottles.

What I like about the holders is that their linen is equipped with a temperature preserver to sustain the temperature of both hot and cold fluids longer.

I don’t like to open the whole bag to bring out the water bottle, so I use the two side pockets on the back.


Usually I use the side pockets to hold my hydro flask and some other bottles. The elastic of these side pockets has a good grip and ensures that bottles don’t fall or slip.

Another best thing about the bag which I like is the cheat access from the back zipper.


The back zipper allows me to access the inside compartment of the bag without unstrapping and unhooking the top of the bag. And that is helpful when I am feeling a bit lazy or in a hurry.

The top main compartment of the bag has a collapsible metal frame design.


Unlike the annoying bags which sit down once I let go of them, the metal frame holds up the bag when not in use.

Moreover, the collapsible metal frame design also allows me to open and close the top main compartment easily.



From the perspective of storage, the bag is very spacious.

The interior has a decent amount of pockets, and after placing things in the pockets, you will have a good amount of space left.


In fact, when I moved everything to this bag from my old bag, there was a lot of space left for other things.

Moreover, the linen protector inside keeps the contents stored in their place.


Above all the thing that I most liked about this bag is that it is waterproof, upon spilling water, I just wipe it with cloth, and it is good to go.

Unlike other bags, this one does not give me a hard time while cleaning; its soft material is easy to rub and wash.




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Some Pros And Cons – Weigh It Up For Yourself

If I were to be more specific about the pros, then I would say that the bag has a lot of advantages like

  • Nice snap lock strap structure
  • Water Proof
  • Bright color
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of wide pockets
  • Remains in shape
  • Convenient access to all pockets
  • Very spacious but doesn’t look big when worn

Diaper Backpack

However, There Are Also Some Cons With The Bag Like

  • A bigger pocket would’ve been nice to hold a tablet or a book.
  • Straps could’ve been longer.
  • The color combo in grey colored version is not appealing.
  • The zipper of the bag seems like it would give some trouble in coming time.


But to be honest, all of these drawbacks will not make that much of a difference. And the pros of the bag are enough to purchase it.


It’s A Perfect Fit


The bag is indeed great for Mothers looking to store the diapers, bottles, toys and other essentials for their babies.

The bag can also serve the purpose of a backpack for a trip. From the perspective of looks, the bag is very stylish and fashionable.


Moreover, the bag also has a zipper of gold color which adds an outlandish look to it.


The bag holds a significant amount of stuff and does not appear bulky which is the main benefit of using it. So overall I would say that considering the price, the bag is going to be a perfect fit for your everyday needs.


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  1. Corrine says:

    Great review, thanks! Do you have the exact dimensions of the bag? I had a backpack diaper bag and it was stolen out of my car so I’m on the lookout for a new one. My daughter is (hopefully) out of diapers soon so I would like something I can potentially use even when she’s a bit older.

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hey thanks. 

      Oh no that’s not good. Sorry to hear that. People these days are so desperate that they steal diaper’s crazy. The dimensions are 10.6″ x 8.3″ x 16.5″. And when your daughter is out of diapers you will then have an awesome chic bag. 

  2. Prabakaran says:

    You have given an unbiased review on a Multi-Functional Diaper Backpack.The appearance of the bag looks attractive.In the cons, you have mentioned about the zip.
    It is quite natural that Zib is worn out when using.
    I think apart from using as a backpack it can be used as a handbag too.I have three questions. What is the price?
    Does this bag have a warranty? What is the size of this bag?

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hi thanks for the comment. Yes I want to express as much pros and cons as possible no biased rubbish.

      To answer your questions – The price is $35.99 it’s dimensions are 10.6″ x 8.3″ x 16.5 and it has a lifetime warranty.

  3. There is a similar bag to this bag that is one of the sought-after bag where I am from.
    It has the same design, but many different brands.
    I have an earlier version of this similar bag, and I love the space inside. The earlier version do not come with the side tissue access pocket, and as a mother, that is one gem of a feature I’d love to have on all my mummy diaper bags.

    1. Yeah I agree. I had a diaper bag given to me at my baby shower and after a few uses I started noticing things it should of had. A the side pockets of this bag was one of them. So I bought this bag instead. My friend was a little sad not to be using hers but she understood.

  4. My sister had quite the diaper bags for each of her 3 kids. Not to mention lugging long a pack and play. This is good information & helpful for new mothers, not to mention new aunties! New grandmothers already know from their day. Well, usually, LOL.

    1. Wow she was very committed to moving the house around in her diaper bag.
      But as a mom we do what we need to do to keep our babies happy.

  5. GabeTheGreat369 says:

    This thing looks rad!! It is hard to find diaper bags that have a good style to them, this is definitely one that has style as well as functionality.

    Finding the right combinations or store/organization options can be tricky, this looks like it will help solve some of those issues. Will definitely be showing my wife this one 🙂

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hey Gabe

      It’s definitely something worth getting. I was giving a bag for my baby shower but it didn’t hold enough. Then I came across Ha Lo Diaper bag and read the reviews then thought I will give it a try. And haven’t looked back.

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