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Ideas For Baby Shower Centerpieces – A Star Is Born

Have ever been in my position of planning your close friends baby shower, and you have chosen your theme and your happy with it, its time to look for decorations.

A stunning table doesn’t need to look over priced.

But one important main attraction comes to mind.

The centerpiece.

Baby shower centerpieces for tables play an important place in your decorations. It gives your theme some added flair and a ‘wow’ factor for your guests. So let’s take a look at how to create a unique baby shower centerpiece.


How To Decorate The Table – Surrounding The Centerpiece

Simplicity is key.

If you are unsure of what colors to use around the centerpiece, go colorful or use a variety of a single colors. Being colorfullooks more vibrant high-spirited and is easy to put together.

That being said, if you want to use a single color theme, neutral colors (like white) and using one pop of color can be really successful too.

Don’t over complicate the table with too many chattels.

It is a better idea to pre organize the table so you can leave plenty of space for everything else you will need.


Like table ware, glasses, plates and food etc. The centerpiece should bond with the rest of the decorations.

When you arrange your centerpiece don’t just place a single item in the center of the table. Place assorted decorations around it.

It’s about the perfect balance. Consider the size of the table your using and the decorative objects you have to blend them together.

There is a magic to decorating. Use odd numbers of decorations like candles, vases and flowers. See for yourself how strong an odd number can be pleasing to the eye.

Grouping different decorations together, can change the sense of balance between symmetry and asymmetry.

Now you know some simple examples of decorating the table. How will you do yours?


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Simple Baby Shower Centerpieces – Sprinkle Some Magic

Adding a superstar centerpiece to your table of decorations brings all the phones out and starts and a thousand snaps later, they will all end up on snap chat and Instagram.

Here are some simple ideas.



 Cake. Everybody Loves Cake.

This is my personal favorite. What’s a beautifully decorated table, with confetti spread over, lollie jars filled to the top, anda cake tower to top it all off.

With all the different cakes and styles that artistic bakers can produce, there is an endless amount of creativity that can be used to suit any baby shower theme.

Plus it makes for a delicious treat at the end of the baby shower.

If you don’t want to use a cake as your main start then bring some light to the table with an arrangement of candles.

It’s a very simple and inexpensive idea. You can use tall, short, wide, skinny, scented and multiple colored candles.

Another arrangement that works really well, are flowers. This baby shower centerpiece can consist of many flowers. The most popular flower I found was blossoms.

They are very easy to showcase because they speak for themselves. We can also use dahlias or garden roses. Arranged in clear vases to shed color more vibrantly.

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Lets Be More Creative.


Creative Diaper Cake

I wanted to try something different. So I asked my friends mum for baby photos of her, and I used those to decorate the table. A mum-to-be centerpiece.

It had a very personal touch and brings up fond memories that were shared at the baby shower.

Have you ever seen a nappy cake centerpiece or diaper cake centerpiece?


I haven’t tried this myself yet but I will give my crafting skills a go at it.

It’s several nappies tied together to form the shape of a traditional cake. Put your skills to the test and give it a go.

It will definitely turn heads. Or there are plenty of options to buy them.

Let’s incorporate the classic use of children’s books as your centerpiece. What’s great about the idea of using children’s books as a theme is the way you can combine different books into the centerpiece.

Take a book like Alice in Wonderland. Decorating the table with cups and sauces, and a deck of cards.

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Who Likes The Disney Movie ‘Up’?

Balloons are a perfect way to link a decorative baby shower table.

Using helium filled balloons and choosing whatever color that resignates your theme is a simple and cost effective way to grab your guests attention.

Take the use of a hot air balloon as an idea. A little basket filled with goodies and balloon streaming from it. Makes for an interesting centerpiece.

Remember when you were a child, playing with alphabet building blocks? What a fun way to design a centerpiece with the use of building blocks.

You could spell the mum-to-be’s name and highlight it with crepe paper decorations, confetti and some stuffed animals. It’s an adorable idea.

Now you got more ideas to add to your creative arsenal. Take action and make any baby shower you host a very memorable one. Please share any ideas you come up with the more ideas we can share the better.


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  1. I love the balloons idea. I haven’t been to a baby shower in a long time, but these are great ideas for expectant mums! Good job!

    1. Thanks! I am glad you liked that idea. Balloons are always a favourite.

  2. Indeed the centerpiece is very important & you have provided a lot of great ideas. Thanks!

    1. Thats ok. Thanks for your feedback. Cant forget the centerpiece.

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