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Post Bath Time Solutions – An Aveeno Baby Product Review

Over time I realised that big marketing companies were just putting in their stores whatever product they seemed fit regardless of the benefits they have for us as consumers.

So I needed to find better solution.

I stumble upon Aveeno products through google and read several reviews about it. Then thought ‘what the heck’ and so I bought it.

And I haven’t regretted that decision since.

Have you ever thought of purchasing Aveeno Products or perhaps you want to read reviews published by actual consumers that have bought the product before purchasing it?

If yes, then this Aveeno Baby Product Review is the right review for you.

To make sure that you arrive at a final decision to enable everything goes smoothly, I will provide you with a few ideas before you purchase the product so that you will not become frustrated after purchasing it and to make sure that it’s the exact product that you need.


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The Main Ingredient

The main ingredient in this Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions is the Active Naturals® Colloidal Oatmeal. Each and every ingredient is related to skincare benefits.

What a great ingredient, it happens to be among the most preferred ingredients as well as recommended by Dermatologists for more than 60 yrs.

The Great Benefits of Active Naturals® Colloidal Oatmeal

Something unique about Colloidal Oatmeal is the fact that it’s among the few natural active ingredients that have been known to be used on irritated and itchy skin.

pH restoration: it assists to restore pH in skins in which the pH level has increased

Soothes: It helps reduces redness of the skin, as well as itching due to swelling

It protects the skin: It forms a fine protection to reduce water loss on the body

Cleanse: granules of colloidal oatmeal work as micro-sponges to absorb dirt as well as dead skin cells

It moisturizes the skin: It protects the skin from hydrating

The Reason Why Aveeno’s Natural Ingredients Are Well Noticed?

What makes Aveeno’s natural ingredients stand out is that it is processed in a particular way

• First and foremost, is the fact that the entire production process is done without the use of any harmful chemical which is something that I really appreciate

•The next is that the manufacturing of the colloidal oatmeal utilized in Aveeno® products derives from a dedicated production line which guarantees a top quality standard that a company like Johnson & Johnson have also mastered.


What’s Included In The Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set? Click Here


In the Aveeno Baby Bath Time Solutions Gift Set, is everything your baby needs for bath time, not only will it take care of your little angel but also there is an extra special gift for you. Included in the set is the Baby Wash and Shampoo, Baby Daily, Moisture Lotion, Baby Calming Comfort Bath and the Stress Relief Body Wash for Mum. This practical baby shower gift set is a great choice for new and expecting mums.

  • Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture LotionThis nourishing, non-greasy product absorbs instantly, moisturizing for thewholeday, contains no dryingalcohols and won’t clog pores.

  • Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo – blending natural oat extract into a rich
    lathering wash that cleans without drying because it is It’s tear free, soap free and paraben free, and allergy tested.

  • Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath – When it’s bath time, adding Baby Calming Comfort with a
    warm bath, has clinically shown to help sooth your baby. Leaving your babies skin not only smelling beautifully, but soft and moisturized as well.

    stress relief

  • Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash for Mum – An extra bonus gift for Mum, this soothing body wash has a calming effect to help you relax in the shower or bath after a long day of motherly work. I have tried this and it’s great on my sensitive skin.

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Why Would I Recommend Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions?


Well, I will recommend this product because customers that have been making use of these products are satisfied with the outcome.

The outcomes are quite obvious. It leaves the skin smoother, properly hydrated as well as healthier. You don’t have to moisturize your child or children’s skin over and over again every day.

With that much respect to Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions, I decided to purchase a set for my best friend as a baby shower gift.

I had to get a real response from her and she said – It was gentle on her baby, and didn’t have an overpowering scent to it. No signs of dryness and kept her baby’s skin soft.

Lastly, these products are Tear-free, Paraben-free as well as Phthalate – free which is something that I really like about these products.

The products are gentle as well as less intrusive on the baby’s skin which happens to be relevant whenever you want to a purchase a baby care product.


If you are stuck on a baby shower gift, why not give a mum-to-be the natural pleasures of Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set.



We have an advertising relationship with the stores we link to in this post, gaining compensation, think of it like a tip for bringing you awesome content.

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  1. What an excellent write up! The funny thing is, is that we are actually using Aveeno Body Wash for the first time. My husband has really sensitive skin, and so far so good. I have noticed that he has not been scratching as much. I also want to add, what a great gift to include something for Mommy too!

    1. Wow thats great. Yeah its quite good compared to other.

  2. I’ve always loved Aveeno products, and i highly recommend to a lot of people i know. Great review!

    1. Thank you Sienna. Yes they are great.

  3. A great review Charlotte, I wish I had known about this when my son was a baby. Interesting to read about the ingredient, Colloidal Oatmeal. Never heard of it before, so feel I have learnt something new today.

    I agree it is so important to know you are reading Real reviews online – thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Fleur.
      Yeah I have had a few comments like that. Wishing they knew earlier for their son. But it’s ok we can always share the message for the next one.

  4. Great article! I have always been a fan of Aveeno baby products and definitely recommend them. The info you provided is the exact reason why we use them. Living in Colorado it is very dry and can be brutal on skin and hair. So I have even started to use Aveeno for myself!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tiffany. Yes with that environment it’s the perfect product for you.

  5. Great post, Charlotte! My friend was having trouble in finding some good body products for her baby. After reading your post, I am sure that Aveeno would be a great choice! I will definitely recommend your website to her!

    1. Thanks Andrei, she will definitely want to use Aveeno.

  6. I’m afraid I haven’t got any children of my own yet, but plan to start a family in next year or so, so I’m definitely going to keep your information in mind. Thanks for the helpful advice.

    1. Thanks Matt. In time I will have a lot more information.

  7. Aveeno is my favorite product to use. My kids use it all the time since they have sensitive skin. It definitely works wonders and I highly recommend it!

    1. It sure is!! Thanks for the Comment

  8. Melissa says:

    I love Aveeno products. I especially love the way the lotion makes me feel. I never thought about Aveeno for babies, all though my youngest is 8 so I am out of practice, Lol! That stress relief body wash I heard works really well, just what mommy would need, huh? Great post!

    1. Yes just what mummy needs indeed. It such a great product for it’s price and makes an awesome baby shower present.

  9. Corrine says:

    Love your site, you have so much good information! I have been using more expensive baby products for my little one, but I think I’ll be switching to Aveno now! They are way more affordable than some of the more expensive brands. I had no idea they were paraben and phthalate free.

    1. Charlotte M says:

      I know what you mean. We get sucked into the big brands not realizing that there are better brands out there for much more better price and quality. 

  10. Aveeno is a great product. Have been using since it was first introduced. Very clean and smooth. No nasty after feeling once you put it on. Great Product line.

    1. Wow that is awesome. It just leaves you feeling satisfied.

  11. Hiya, I personally use Aveeno all the time as it was recommended to me by my GP for itchy and Dry skin. It really works well. I didn’t know about this gift set, but I may purchase it for my niece who has just had a baby and it pregnant again – it would be a lovely Christmas gift!

    1. It is so amazing. I had the same recommendation. Once I found that gift set and got them as gifts for my friends baby showers.
      It would make a lovely Christmas gift indeed. I think I will be doing that too.

  12. Great to hear about Aveeno baby products. I am a big fan of Aveeno lotions and they are really good for dry skin.

    1. Thanks for the comment. They sure are. And this gift set is perfect for both baby and mommy.

  13. What a great review Charlotte! Aveeno products are great for sensitive or irritated skin. I used Aveeno a long time ago when I had chicken pox for the second time! I was not a little kid and it was miserable. The products soothed my skin like nothing else. You are right, they really are wonderful!

    1. Thanks Keli.
      I never had chicken pox before but thanks for that little help though.
      Some people will get much help out of your comment.

  14. Me and my wife are expecting the latest addition tp our family in March and I was really happen to of come across this natural selection of baby bath products, especially after reading they are paraben-free. Can you tell me if the Aveeno products are available in the UK?

    1. Thats great! A new addition. Yes they are availiable in the uk not just theough Amazon but from the pharmacy’s as well

  15. Hi, This seems like a fantastic product. I have not heard of it before, but that might be because I live in Sweden in Europe. I think it is really important to use products that do not contain a lot of strange chemicals, especially when used on small babies. That is one thing I always look for when I purchase any products for my kids.

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hi Miqa

      Wow all the way in Sweden. That’s amazing. Aveeno is an amazon product and it’s amazing how much better it is compared to big named brans. If you ever come across it or think of someone who may like to use it least you know where to find it.

  16. Daniella says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    When my children were babies, they had irritation skin due to the soap I was using for their bath. But the funny thing is that we also got skin problems because of the soap we were using. The Doctor suggested us to buy soap without chemical inside, which we did, and everything came back to normal. Now my sister has a little boy, so I think it would be great for to use the Aveeno product:) I will show her this article, I am sure she will find it very interesting!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hi Daniella

      Oh really? Did the Doctor suggest any soaps without chemical in them to you? 

      I found Aveeno better the Johnson. I know big words but I did.

      I hope your sister finds it a good read.

  17. Richard says:

    For years my wife has been using Johnson and Johnson baby products for our children. Recently there has been a report that they were using potentially cancer-causing chemicals from its baby shampoo.

    Now that’s alarming and pretty scary for such a product we have trusted for years. My wife has been using the Aveeno skin products recently as she has sensitive skin.

    She loves the texture and very pleased that Aveeno has branched out into baby products.

  18. Great review. Thank you so much. I was not aware of Aveeno products before. Good to know there are natural good products. After the scandal about Johnson&Johnson; putting cancering ingredients in baby’s products, I really don’t trust all these unnatural soaps.
    I will definitely try out Aveeno products. Thanks again.

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hey Anna

      You are very welcome.

      Neither was I. When I found it and started using it, I just had to share it. Everyone needs to know how much better it is then big brands. 

      If you want to try them you can find them at Amazon.

  19. Katherine says:

    I enjoyed this article! I used Aveeno with my kids and now grandkids. I love that the entire production process is done without the use of any harmful chemicals.
    The Free Welcome Box is a great idea. I love the idea of a shower gift with Aveeno products. All the items suggested would be wonderful to include in the gift set.

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Hi Katherine

      Thank you for your comment. It is amazing how much people are using Aveeno Products. And there are still many that are not using it. 

      I know I would love this as a gift.

  20. Turtle Dove says:

    I never knew that this baby product helped with itching. Being that babies can ‘t tell us what is wrong I like the thought of being able to prevent problems before they come up.

    I cannot remember what products I used when my son was a baby. But I think we used Aveeno. I am going to look at reviews more before I buy in the future. Thanks!

    1. Charlotte M says:

      Because Aveeno products are chemical free they prevent a lot more then just itching. Thats my opinion.

      But I really enjoyed the fact that I could use it as well as my baby.

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