Top 10 Baby shower gifts

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

Regardless of whether its your first baby shower or your a baby shower veteran, it is expected of any participant to give a gift to the mum to be.

If you want to make a lasting impression celebrate the expected with fun games, delicious food, a sentimental gift and lots of laughs.

I am going to share with you my top 10 baby shower gifts.

These days a baby shower is a gathering of close friends and family (mainly us ladies and a bottle of wine) in a party setting, cherishing the last days before our loved one changes from a young Ladie to a Mother.

In doing so we shower her with love and present her with gifts.

Lets keep it as simple as possible. We don’t need to go out and find the most expensive present, our focus is the value of it. If you want to get creative, craft your gift.

An example; one of my friends was given a painting depicting her puppy ‘Lucky’ at her baby shower and tears of joy ran down her face.

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1. Heartfelt Gifts – Attach Memories


Topping the list as favourites is hand made booties, beanies, blankets and cardigans.

I had the luxury that my grandmother and mother both knit, and they were able to help me out with some memorable booties and beanie gift combos for some of my mum-to-be friends.

My friends really appreciated the thought and love that went into them. And I will never forget the look on their faces.

One friend bought a hand and foot print kit. When we went to visit a few weeks later and seen the photo frame, it was an “aww” moment.

Click here if you know someone who might cherish this.


2. Awards for Mum – Have a Break

I asked my mum-to-be friend “when was the last time you were pampered?” she couldn’t answer.

Collectively we all pitched in to buy her and her hubby a “babymoon”. A “babymoon” is like a getaway trip before the baby arrives.

So they could spend some romantic alone time together and focus on each other. We chose a retreat in the hinterlands where they had a spa in their room.

Which they used everyday along with room service.

What better way to relax then to hibernate in your room.

Another gift idea you could buy is to buy a dinner voucher.

Give them a date night.

How about a popular restaurant, so the new parents can indulge in some delicious food and drinks to celebrate their journey into parenthood.


3. Diapers, Diapers And More Diapers


Where to get Diapers


What better way to gift a mum-to-be then to shower her with nappies.

Any mum-to-be would appreciate the abundance of nappies at her baby shower.

Whether they are disposable or washable reuseable cloth nappies. At least the first month or two is covered. And your friend doesn’t need to worry.


4. Baby Books – Spark An Imagination

I found baby books to be such a simple yet great gift. They offer the opportunity for mother and child to bond with each other on another level.

Can you remember your favourite children’s book?

My favourite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


The imagery and simplicity of a great kids book. Lights up their imagination. Their child will grow up to love reading.

If you want to find The Very Hungry Caterpillar click here.

If you find you and a friend have bought the same book, don’t worry. Having two of the same makes it easier to have one in two different places.

Like the car or the nappy bag.

Reading is a great time to not only adventure into the mind of your child but explore the wonders of story telling.

Bookroo has an amazing idea of helping you and your child or children to take that adventure together.


5. Project Diaper Bag – Don’t Venture Without It

An idea for you and your friends is to buy and fill a nappy bag or changing bag.

There are many different types of bags out there.

The best I found would be multifunctional bags that could fit everything I need in it.

My hubby has a bag for himself when he takes our little one out and about. (He doesn’t like me chic diaper bag).

Stock it with nappies, baby powder, spare bottles, bibs, dummies and any other essentials you can think of. If the mum-to-be already has one, then now she has a back up bag.


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6. Stuffed Animals – Hugs and Snuggles


Baby Shower gift


Why do we have a fascination to hug someone when we are feeling emotional? Because it helps us to connect with them. Create an everlasting bond.

Stuffed animals are a perfect gift.

They don’t need batteries to work, they don’t crack or dent and they last a life time.

I bought a white fluffy bunny for my friends baby and she hugs it everyday. Priceless.


7. Don’t Forget – A First Time For Everything

 There are somethings as a first time parent that we can forget.

A great idea is to put an emergency kit together. Which can include nappy rash cream, nail clippers, nail file, a thermometer and other medical supplies and toiletries.

Its a safe haven back up plan. Always put plan B in place because we never know when disaster could strike. Whether that be a faulty nappy or stuck in traffic. Anything can happen and its best to be preapared.

If you are having a baby for the first time here you can learn more in another post of mine below.





8. Baby Clothes – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If you are going to buy clothes, you can always buy them in bigger sizes.

Best chance is if everyone bought different sizes, then the mum-to-be wouldn’t have to worry about buying new clothes each month.

Bigger size clothes for babiesIf done right, the baby could have a whole years worth of wardrobe.

We did this for one of my friends, and she is now set for the year.

Along with the clothes we got we got added some personalised printed shirts and bibs just to add some extra love to the idea.


9. Hampers – Fill Them With Joy

Along with the knitted garments that my grandmother and mother helped with, I created several hampers.

I added things for the baby like a stuffed animal, some nappies and knitted boots and beanie. Also I added a bottle of wine (because I’m a good friend) for my friend to enjoy it her ‘me’ time.

 Thats one idea.

You may want to add other things like chocolates or wine and cheese. That will keep your friend happy.

Or focus the hamper on only the baby and fill it with essentials like a baby shampoo set, blanket, nappies, soft toy etc.

If you want to take the thinking out of building a hamper, I used 21 Bundles. You can build your own hamper of goodies, from organic nappy rash cream, and all natural moisturiser to baby books and cuddly toys.


Baby Registry


10. Gift Vouchers

If you are really stuck, lost for ideas then a practical gift idea is a gift voucher.

The new parents can buy their own nappies, baby wipes and other nesessities. Its the thought that counts. Not all gifts can be memorable but they can still have great input.

An idea for a gift voucher can be a baby photo session. I got my friend one and she loved it. They got beautiful photos of their daughter.

Framed and hanging on their wall.


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  1. great list of baby shower gifts. My husband’s sister-in-law is about to have a baby girl soon. I had no idea what gifts to buy for them. I am so glad I came to your webite and landed on this article. Thanks for the gift idea!

    1. Thanks heaps. I am glad you made it here. I hope you can choose some great gifts for your sister-in-law.

  2. hi, very good tips on baby shower gifts. I remember when my wife was having baby showers for our kids, we got a lot of diapers, baby toys, books, etc. Looking back, I wish we had gotten more of the emergency kit stuff you mentioned. Wipes are a good one. Thanks again.

    1. Yes not many people think practically about babies because we all go “googoo gaagaa” but it helps to have an emergency kit on stand by.

  3. Hi Charlotte, thanks for this. I have two upcoming baby shower parties to attend this December and I am glad about the stuff you shared in your article =) Having two kids now, I thought that my wife and I would be veterans in planning gifts to share, it turns out that we still appreciate new ideas like you shared =) We’ll greatly consider this. Super thanks =)

    1. Your welcome.
      Well your more then prepared for baby showers but it’s always nice to try new things. If you have ideas please share them everyone will find it beneficial.

  4. Great gift ideas! I’m so bummed there isn’t going to be any more babies in the family for a while! I love throwing and going to baby showers! Wonderful ideas for people!

    1. Thanks.
      There may not be any in your family but there will be others you can help. What kind of ideas did you do when you threw those baby showers.

  5. OMG!! very helpful thanks for sharing! my Sister, she going to have another baby soon, and the only things i could think of is toys but then they are to small for toys but now I think Gift voucher is better 🙂

    1. Your welcome!
      That awesome congrats for your sister, at least with a gift voucher she can find what she really wants.
      It’s not the gift it’s the thought that counts.

  6. Great list! My best friend had a baby a few months ago. I never know what to get as baby shower gifts because I don’t want to get something they already have! Alot of times, mommys want practical things like diapers, wipes, and bottles because those things are used most. Thanks for the advice.


    1. Its strange how we can get over excited on what to get but the simplest and most practical gift can be the better choices.

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