Top 5 Games To Play At A Baby Shower

As a new mom or mom-to-be, you probably want everyone to remember the event. Think about it: guests are expecting you to throw a fabulous, original party since this is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Are you ready for your next baby shower? Have you got the location, décor, food, drinks, gifts, cake, favors and invitations all ready?

Not so fast happy mama, you probably forgot about GAMES for your baby shower!! One of the best ways to get the guests involved and to break the ice (duh)


Like every other party, a few well chosen games will impress the guests who would actually like to play them.

Give thought to baby shower games as an option; even if you don’t really like games or you’re not a ‘games’ person.

And no, I’m not talking about hosting a baby shower that has the same old boring cheesy games – because those suck and they don’t provide any form of entertainment.


While some moms celebrate their baby shower by having a small gathering with some traditional games, food and gifts; others think of more exciting baby shower games idea to enable them add more friends and break the monotony on the event.


You are on a budget? You don’t have much time to plan? Or you are in charge of games for a friend’s baby shower? – There’s no need to worry.


The main idea here is for you to throw an expensive looking baby shower with fun and cute games without having to break the bank. Substantially, you don’t have to spend a fortune on preparing for a baby shower.

And before we discuss the best games to play at the baby shower, I will show you the benefits of having baby shower games – in other words, reasons why having a game in this occasion is worthwhile.


Why Play Baby Shower Games?

  1. You all get to do something different

Yes, yes I know: you are focused on the food to make sure the food is good, you all have a lot to talk about, you are so happy and you are trying to welcome all your relatives and guests.

But trust me: if you keep planning baby showers the same way you always have, you will never surprise yourself, or your visitors.


In short; you won’t feel your creativity.

Let’s just say that you forgot how fun it is to host a baby shower in the first place – now guess what happens after the event. I think you get the picture.


Generally, good baby showers come to mums who do something different; so step outside your comfort zone with games.


Take note: the event doesn’t have to be stressful because games can help divert your attention from pain you might be suffering due to your condition.


  1. Use fun games as icebreakers

Games can help as icebreakers and make the event less awkward. Oh, I hate awkward baby showers especially if many of the guests don’t know each other.

However, when you include fun games; guests can meet each other, interact, and make new friends.


Further; games can be included for structure to help your baby shower run smoothly.


  1. You can also use them as gifts

Take for instance; guests are required to make something cute in some baby shower games and thus; what the guests make can become a gift for the mom-to-be – just like a beautiful future keepsake.

Take note: some games require guests to bring something along.


  1. You and the guests learn new things about motherhood

Ok this is pretty straightforward; when guests share the baby shower games they know based on their different experiences, they will likely team up on some of the games – and with fewer guest in each team, they share ideas easily which in turn enable them learn new things about motherhood, get into a playful mindset, and prepare them for being a parent.


There will definitely be enough time to bond simply because baby shower games take a lot longer especially if have a big crowd.

Moreover; the host can have guests arrange décor before the games and even nominate who is responsible for each task that must be done.


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  1. Games are a meaningful activity idea

Can you think of some really fun games you’ve played at baby shower parties, home-warming parties, and slumber parties that you’ve been to?


Can you remember how excited you and the other guests were and the memories made?

Take note: planning is the key for success for all baby shower games.



  1. They prevent you from boring the guests

We’ve all been to that boring baby shower where everything and everyone looks traditional. Consider that because of the many guests invited, not all visitors might be enjoying the event.


With some games, everyone will get a chance to participate.


  1. Since it won’t cost much, just do it. It will only take up like 5% of your baby shower budget.


Fortunately, there are a ton of fun and inexpensive game ideas – in fact; if you can’t think of some uncommon game, you can just stick with genuinely fun games below that involve only paper and pens.


Take note: people will remember your baby shower with games that were played.


  1. The guests will share their excitement

You can ask each guest what they are most excited about and if they look forward to see your baby – seriously; it works!


They all have love for the baby – and after playing these unique games, they will be excited to share their happiness with you.


Now Here Are The Top 5 Baby Shower Games

Like most moms, you may be super picky about what baby shower games you include – but first keep in mind that the sort of baby shower you have will dictate the games that you should include.


1. Guess the Baby Game



Also known as Baby Photo Bingo; there are two variations on this famous game.

You either ask the guests attending the shower to bring baby pictures of themselves (email in advance) and then everyone tries to guess who each baby is.

Or you use baby photos of famous celebrities and public figures (from Angelina Jolie to Beyoncé, Celine Dion and about a dozen celebrities) that most of your guests would recognize, have them identify each of the baby photos.

What you’ll need

  • Pictures of your guests or famous people.
  • Notice board.
  • Pins & tacks, tapes & adhesives.


How to play

  • At the beginning of the event, the baby photos are posted on a notice board (on the wall or any available surface) where everyone can see them. You may also assign numbers next to the photos.
  • Each guest is given a paper (with or without numbers listed) to guess which picture corresponds to each guest.
  • The host must set some time aside for them to identify the photos.
  • The guest will line up one by one next to the notice board.
  • For the famous people photo variation, the host will put up photos of these famous people as adult.
  • Most important, the winner is the guest with the most matches that matched up.
  • After everyone is finished, the winner is awarded.


Why they’ll play it

Basically; everyone gets the opportunity to draw their childhood home and remember that part of their lives.

Although most of us can’t remember those childhood memories clearly, we are fascinated when we look back on our childhood.


Take note: try to email in advance and remember to include a note instructing your guests to bring baby pictures along.


2. Baby Gene Lottery


As its name implies, it involves predicting inheritable characteristics that the newborn might get from either mom or dad.

Inheritable characteristics can include eye color, hair color, lips, shoe size, height, and other standard features – on the other hand, they can include personality traits and fun things such as; introversion, extroversion, sporting ability, charm, temperament, and work ethic.


What you’ll need

  • A printed list of these characteristics

  • Mom’s or dad’s opinion

  • A box

  • Square sheet of paper (mini set of about 20 sheets, depending on the number of guests attending)

  • Writing materials


How to play

  • First, the host will ask questions and think carefully before creating a well arranged list of different characteristics that the pending arrival might inherit.

    • Guest will receive a printed copy and write ‘Dad’ or ‘Mom’ next to each characteristic.

    • The mom-to-be or dad-to-be goes through the list and chooses which parent each standard or personality characteristic might come from.

    • Alternatively; everyone can list the characteristics on paper and drop in the box provided (like a vote or something similar).

    • The winner is the guest whose list matches the parents’ list closest.

    • The winner is given something special.

Why they’ll play it 

Who doesn’t love imagining what or who a newborn would look like?

It’s fun to watch everyone around you communicate and try to figure out whose spitting image the baby gets to enjoy.

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3. Never Say Baby

Ok, here is the objective: Don’t get caught saying the word ‘baby’ during the event. It can get tedious after a while, but can you do that? Can you avoid that cute 4 letter word?

This is another famous baby shower game that involves lots of players; old and young, male and female, and literally anybody.


What you’ll need

Safety or diaper pins.


How to play

Immediately your guests arrive at the shower, give them some pins to pin on their shirt or a necklace with safety to place around the neck and make sure you inform them that they aren’t allowed to say the magical word before you begin the game.

Anyone who catches another guest saying the magical word can remove the offender’s pin. Simply put; the offender loses his/her pin to the person who catches the mistake.

The winner is the guest with the most pins at the end of the event.


Why they’ll play

With a poker face, I’d like to ask: how can someone resist saying ‘baby’ in a ‘baby shower’?

Trust me: This is fun.


4. Pass The Nappy

Everyone sits in a circle and a ‘pass the nappy’ begins – unlike pass the parcel, this doesn’t contain any treats.

The host can use a disposable nappy or a terry towel nappy.


What you’ll need

Warm melted chocolate bar (the warmer, the better).

A pair of kitchen gloves, knife and a fork.

CD or Tape player with music that can pause.

Someone to operate the music player.


How to Play

The host will wrap the nappy around an unwrapped bar of chocolate, pop in the microwave for 10 seconds so the chocolate melts a little.

Further, the host will explain the rules and then show everyone the dirty nappy.

The music is played, and the dirty nappy is passed.

When the music pauses, the guest holding the nappy has few seconds to put on the gloves, undo the nappy, and eat the chocolate with the knife/fork. After eating, the guest will wrap the nappy up and pass.


The loser is the guest who un-wraps an empty nappy.

Why they’ll play

We are actually looking for a loser here, not a winner.


5. Spit The Dummy


Can you spit the dummy the farthest? – Because that’s the objective of this game.


What you’ll need

  • Dummies (lots of them)

  • Guest all lined up


How to Play

  • The host will give each one of the guests a dummy to put in their mouth and they simply spit the dummy so it lands as far as possible.
  • The winner is the guest who spits the dummy the farthest.


Why they’ll play

It’s weird – but nevertheless, this game introduces the mom-to-be to the drool to which she will become intimately acquainted.


Finally, remember to pick the ones your guests actually want to play by selecting games to suit those that will be coming.





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