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What Drys You As It Gets Wet? – A Hooded Bamboo Baby Towel By Ha & Da

Looking for cute hooded baby towels? Well you have found the right place.


Bath time with your baby can be fun as it presents an opportunity for play and bonding.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent your towel from getting damp when attempting to lift your child from the tub.

Are You Bath Time Conscious

What Drys You As It Gets Wet? A Hooded Bamboo Baby Towel by Ha & Da, is a simple solution to this problem, making bath time easier than ever.

It’s unique wrap design goes around one’s neck comfortably leaving both hands free to pick up the child.


This is a lot more practical than traditional towels and is a lot safer as it gives you as the parents better hold of your baby and helps them stay dry .

Like Floating On A Bubble

Ha&Da’s super soft baby bath towel is incredibly absorbent, and its 40″ x 28″ dimension is designed for infants and toddlers aged 0-3.

It has an irresistible bear hood which will make your kids look cuter than ever, and as they grow, it will create fond memories of bath time.


It has a green and white embroidery with its feature colors being green and white, unisex colors. The fabric of the bath towel is bamboo in nature which makes it super soft and is supper cuddly with the baby in it.


For most parents, purchasing new stuff for their kids is a dreadful thought due to the risk of allergies.

Thankfully, Ha&Da’s bath towel is hypoallergenic due to its bamboo constituent.


It is also resistant to odors and perfect for babies with sensitive skins or skin conditions.


‘Bear’ With Me On This

A great towel all-round, I have enjoyed using it for my baby, her skin feels softer, and there are no more irritations on her neckline.

It’s easy to wash too, and this means I can hand wash it too.


I like to wash most of my clothes by hand and having a bath towel made from soft fabrics is a real relief.


The towel goes for $23.95 which is quite cheap, considering the quality of the material of this product.


The Ha&Da bath towel is wonderful, but on the downside, it has the habit of ripping around the edges after a couple of washes because of the nature of the material.

That’s why I decided to hand wash it, because I made the mistake of putting it in the washing machine.


I have bought two towels so far, and in the washing machine it did tear a little so I bought another. Luckily enough, the ripping doesn’t get too far into the towel it’s something they could work on.


Conclusively, I am sure you are going to love the Hooded Bamboo Baby Bath Towel and Washcloth by Ha&Da so take advantage of the stock which is currently available for the product on Amazon and enjoy bath time with your kid even more.





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