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What Is A Baby Shower Sprinkle?

An extraordinary substitute theme for a gathering is a baby shower sprinkle. So what is a baby shower sprinkle?

I had never heard of sprinkle shower before so I thought I would share what I found out.

So at the point if you or your friend becomes pregnant again, and doesn’t want to have a big baby shower like you did for your first child but still want to celebrate your newest arrival, then you can have a smaller get together.

A baby shower “sprinkle”


Instead of an over the top style baby shower where your friends would have gone over board with the shower (because they love you) a “sprinkle” is more casual and low-key where the mum gets a dash of gifts to celebrate the new expectant baby.

A first time mother having an infant shower can enormously profit by it, since she is new to parenthood and may require some assistance in the beginning.

Mums having a second, third, or fourth kid can likewise yield by a baby shower, however she may just need a few certain essentials so she can re purpose numerous things she got for her initial child.


baby shower party sprinkle some joy

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When A Miracle Takes Place

In the event that she becomes pregnant, an extraordinary thought is to make the gathering a shock.

Like some other occasion, preparing of time is essential with the goal that the occasion can run easily.

Prepare your baby shower “sprinkle” in advance.

Give it at least two months or so before your due date so you have heaps of time to make sure that you have everything you need for the party. We don’t want to be rushing around scrambling.

Since you are planning a casual party, you don’t need to go all-out with elaborate invites, fancy decorations and bold favors for guests, that being said, having a baby shower “sprinkle” theme makes the decorating simple.

Picking a topic for the sprinkle shower can be fun and help keep things composed. Here is an Idea, how about having an ice cream bar. You guessed it, with hundreds and thousands. “Sprinkles”

Here are some other sprinkle infant shower expressions that you can use on the solicitations, pennants, and all around your occasion:

  • Sprinkles with Love

  • Shower of Blessings

  • Showers of Love

  • Sprinkles of Joy

  • Sprinkle Blessings






Method To My Happiness – Getting Involved

One method for influencing the sprinkle baby shower engaging, is to have a sprinkle baby shower ability show or small scale show.

You can welcome family and friends to utilize their gifts, for example, singing, moving, emulate, verse readings, playing an instrument and not with standing acting and so forth. Have fun with it.

Another method for engaging is having an amusing theme like ‘The Price Is Right’ and ‘We should Make A Deal’. Pick the amusing theme that you feel would be an ideal match for your friends and family.


Why Are You So Fancy

Its only casual. So don’t feel like you have the need to be formal with invites. “Sprinkle” baby shower invites don’t need to be fancy. A simple Facebook invite or group can help keep everyone in the loop.



baby shower theme



Come Up With A Theme

The sprinkle theme decorations are an innovative approach to influence an awesome domain at your “sprinkle” shower.

Place bright inflatables around the room and sprinkle confetti on tables. Utilize a nylon string to hang glittery paper stars from the roof.

It’s great to pick a shading plan of three hues (colour scheme).

For a kid you can utilize blue, yellow, and white as your base hues. For a young lady you can utilize pink, yellow and white. Hang streamers from the roof or more the windows. Utilize paper set patterns for divider embellishments.



With respect to baby shower “sprinkle” gifts, here are a couple of thoughts that are certain to fulfill the mother. Make a blessing wicker container with infant nourishment, equation, pacifiers, chin-wipers, jugs, teethers, and particularly diapers in it.

With respect to garments, if the child is an identical sex from the past infant, the mum won’t require a mess all the more dress things. It’s constantly great to discover what she needs to purchase truly valuable things for her.

It’s never a fun errand to exchange blessings that weren’t valuable. Here are a couple of infant attire thoughts: infant shirts, pants, infant boots, overalls, or dresses.

On the off chance that you don’t know whether the child is a boy or a girl, purchase nonpartisan outfits. Other charming thoughts for baby shower gifts are child storybooks, melodic CD’s for babies, or anything versatile.

On the off chance that you did this option shower, I recommend that you make a rundown of thoughts that you might want to have in it. Utilize this rundown to enable you to sort out your assignments and confirm them as you go.

Above all bear in mind to have a great time!


You Can’t Leave Out The Siblings

feeding time


Another baby on the way is very exciting, but it might be just as nerve racking for your other children. How can we ease them into this.

Sibling reveals. There are a lot of fun and creative ways of doing this. Here’s an idea I did for my friend.

We baked some cupcakes with blue filling (her expectant was a boy) and gave it to her eldest and said your gonna have a brother or sister, open up to find out.

So they did and everyone is excited, well kinda. A little bit of jealousy might settle in.

Also, back to the sprinkle party, involving the siblings in ways to make them feel just as much as apart from the new welcoming as everyone else we can add them to the invites, if there are older they can offer a gift or help set up the table and decorations.

Anything that makes them feel special.

A baby shower “sprinkle” is a great reason to bring your family and friends together again to celebrate a new addition to your journey in life. I hope this article helped you out.

Please if you have any other ideas leave it in the comments.




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  1. The idea of a Baby Shower “Sprinkle” is really cute. I loved the themes you suggested and the game ideas. If I have another bundle of joy I will definitely have a Baby Shower “Sprinkle”.

    1. Thanks Arkita Im glad you liked it.

  2. I’ve been to many baby showers, and even decorated and planned quite a few. Never have I heard of the terms, Baby Sprinkle. It’s just too adorable!

    I think this is a great idea because it’s a lot easier on the wallet, as opposed to having to buy the big-ticket items, every time someone is having a baby. I especially like the idea of including any of the siblings. I really don’t recall ever attending a shower for a couple’s second child, and their first child was able to participate in the festivities. But now I ask myself, why would the NOT include their first child!

    “Sprinkles of Joy” was my favorite title. I’ll definitely have to make a mental note of this one. Thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks for the comment Veronica. I know right I laughed when I heard the word baby shower sprinkle lol

  3. Ronnie Jordan says:

    I think you will help a lot of people out with this who are planning to do a baby shower. Very nice ideas.

    1. Thanks Ronnie
      I hope to do so too.

  4. I have never heard of a Baby Shower Sprinkle. That’s a great idea! I like your sprinkle infant shower expressions.

    1. Thank you I know its strange but its a great idea.

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