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A Baby Shower Gift List

This gives not just your family but also your friends a chance to help you out.

Everything you may need as you prepare for your baby and to get through at least the first 6 to 12 months of your new baby’s life.

Don’t be shy. Put everything you think you need on the baby shower gift list.

It doesn’t mean that you will get everything on the list. Its just a guide to help you and your family and friends know what to get you. Makes things a lot easier.



It’s Too Personal – Buy It Yourself

There are essentials that you will need before your baby shower. Number one on the list would be to buy a car seat.

You will need it, when you are on your way home with your new baby.

If you are going to use it, another personal item you would but yourself is a breast pump. Friends and family might find it too personal to buy for you.

Here’s a list of other things that will help you benefit

  • Emergency Kit – a thermometer, medicine dropper and baby medicine.

  • Bottles – even you don’t feel like breastfeeding.

  • Formula – if you are going to bottle feed

  • Nappies – nappy rash cream, baby lotion and shampoo

  • Pillows – extra comfy nursing pillows

  • Baby furniture – like a changing station and bassinet or a crib.

  • Baby clothes – undershirts and onesies. Newborn and three-month sizes.

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Ask Your Family – Big Ticket Items

Grandparents are first to spoil their new grandchild, sometimes they help out with more big ticket items. Not all of us have that luxury but our families love us unconditionally and will do their best to play their part in helping.

A baby stroller is a necessity in today’s modern age.

Finding one that will last you for years can be a challenge. But in the mean time it is a luxury for a family member to get you one.


baby play mat


What’s your thoughts about a play yard or play pen? Some people have mixed emotions about them.

Discussions between whether they are good for a child’s development or not.

But my thoughts are, they can be a safe an easy place for your child to play safely.

So if there is a play pen on the cards, embrace it. To add to a play pen can be a baby bouncer or swing. Great extras and fun activities for your baby.

It’s evident that the benefit of a baby monitor is the convenience to see your baby. Baby monitors are costly and aren’t really a necessity but their monitory use can help ease you as a parent.

Highchairs are an important piece of furniture for your infant. The main use is so you can feed them more comfortably as well as yourself at breakfast, lunch or dinner time.


Friends Will Freak Shop – Suggestions For Them

Counting on your friends to freak shop for useful or stylish baby gifts is a probable cause. Many of which they will look for gifts that have an

‘aww!’ factor when you open the gift at your baby shower. Gifts that you would love to have but never thought to buy for yourself, or simple and caring gifts that are practical.


Baby Shower Gift Basket


Cute outfits and several bibs with different fun baby designs are a common baby shower gift from friends. The cuter the saying the better ‘aww’ factor.

Guess what babies feel really connected to at an early age. Their blankets or ‘blanky’.

It doesn’t matter how many they are given, there is always one that will stand out and eventually they will stay connected to it for many more years to come.


Baby booksbaby hampers, nappies everything that is practical towards the baby are very common among friends buying baby shower gifts for you.

Most importantly having all your friends there and your family are what you should appreciate the most.

Cherish every moment. Take your time writing your list and I hope you found some useful wisdom.

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  1. Great post and couldn’t have come at a better time! Some friends of mine just had their baby early, so now they are having a meet the baby get together instead of a baby shower. Either way, the online invitation said bring items for the baby so he has everything he needs. However, I have not seen a registry anywhere. So, I was kind of scratching my head. But, after reading your article I remember what I needed when my daughter was born. Bibs, onesies, diapers… how could I ever forget! Thank you so much for your suggestions, I will be putting them to use very soon, for someone else 🙂

    1. Thanks Keli
      Glad I could help.

  2. Nappies are always a good option. Speaking from experience you can never go wrong with getting these.

    1. Yes if in doubt nappies count.

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