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Why I Started Blogging – Thumbmilk Came Alive

Of course, some said they started blogging because they want to expose themselves to the internet and get exposed, share important idea and feelings, life stories and experience, and share some adventures.


For these reasons, blogging might be the best idea to get all these done conveniently and impact the world around you with the right information and at the same time, get a reasonable income from blogging.

Whichever way, I can boldly say I started creating a blog basically to assist my family in making an extra income.Shop Black Friday on Zazzle


I wasn’t looking for an overnight success like some blogs make out to be. But I was looking for another option to help in the log run.

Blogging is a business I have ventured into and I realised it has dramatically steered me into a direction to  help me generate a meaningful income.

As a helping wife, it’s over eight weeks now that my husband has been out of work.


A Place To Share Your Thoughts


Everyone has their reasons for starting their own business.

Some venture into a new business basically because they feel they have a talent in that area.

Some started blogging because they found out that it has really become a hobby and they want to tell the world around them how to do it.

Anyways, people who started a blog actually know what blogging entails and what they can all benefit from the blogging business.


Actually, blogging wasn’t part of my idea, but I realized I have a lot I can easily share with the world around me to impact my generation and my environment by making vital information available to them.

Some ventured into a blogging business because they realised that they’d got nothing to do.

Since blogging is really not difficult, they used the blogging opportunity to earn themselves a reasonable income on a consistent basis.


Most bloggers understand that apart from the income generated from blogging, it is also a perfect way of relieving themselves of stress and pressure.

It all happened due to the injury sustained on his leg recently which has made him unable to perform regular work.


Since we needed to meet some financial obligations ranging from the daily expenses on children, tax, and bills and feeding, I decided to venture into blogging business which has really helped to handle most of the financial challenges conveniently.



To start a blogging business, you must first know what you’re doing, how blogging works, and start building your blog. For novice or people new in blogging, I suggest you read some materials online before starting at all.

I did a lot of research, read and watched a lot of reviews on different sites and the best of the best I found was Wealthy Affiliate. You can read a great review just click here.



The most crucial thing to know is how to insert and plug-in or widget and understand how to pull traffic which you must familiarize yourself with before going into the business proper.

And Wealthy Affiliate can teach you all of these, step by step. They have a growing and caring community that actively pushes each other to achieve one’s goals.


Blogging is a very lucrative business or sometimes regarded as a job with less pressure since it doesn’t need experience, location, resume and age.

It only needs you. I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for some time now and it’s amazing how easy it is to begin. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

To Find More About Wealthy Affiliate Click Here.




Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing.

Another way to earn yourself a substantial amount of money on a consistent basis is to go into.

Which is known to be one of the most recent and popular ways of earning good money online.


Affiliate method is a method designed to help companies find their customers easily through affiliates.

Blog to money

The responsibility of an affiliate marketer is to promote different products online.

Before promoting products, we need to build trust. Which isn’t an overnight success.


Take the time to create and share about something you love and through Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all the tools need to achieve that.

You can get yourself paid and earn a commission when you lead a customer to the merchant website.

Affiliate marketing brings about wealthy affiliate, and this is really a kind of business everyone is going into now.

The commission you collect for promoting a product online varies depending on the company you’re working for.

For instance, some companies are willing to give about 70% of the total product price to the affiliate marketer for promoting their product.


To do this, you can make use of email list building tool, your website or article marketing means of promoting different products online and get yourself cool cash.

A very good advantage of affiliate marketing remains that it allows new entrepreneurs to start making a great sale immediately.

The advantage is that you can start today without any prior experience, website, and products for sale or any list of items to sell whatsoever.


You only make referrals to other people’s website and once they buy their products, you get yourself a commission.

If you want to start a blog and get into affiliate marketing I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.



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